Promotion of Outdoor Media Resources

Yingmoo Network, the largest outdoor media operation platform, supplies overall promoting and publicizing services.

Retrieval of Outdoor Media Resources

The fast retrieval function enables more rapid and accurate search of the needed media resources.

Comparison of Outdoor Media Resources

The media resources comparing function enables you to select more agreeable outdoor media resources that fit your demands for the price, dimensions, surroundings and advertising cycle.

Mapping of Outdoor Media Resources

Media map offers a method to search the media resources on the map for a proper advertising site in a convenient way so that you can clearly see the surrounding buildings without need to make on-site investigation on yourself.

Integration of Outdoor Media Resources

Media integration is a systematic combination of various marketing tools and methods, which is subject to timely modification according to the changing outdoor environment so that both sides can achieve the appreciation of the values in marketing philosophy and methods during the transaction.

Following Suit in Media Resources Advertising

The following suit in the media advertising means that A is XX renowned company and B is another one company. Then the company B looks at where the company A delivers the ads and then the company B copies what A has done.