Yingmoo Welcomes Mirabelle Communications to Beijing

  • Time:3/21/2015
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Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Company of China extends warm welcome in Beijing to new UK-based partners Mirabelle Communications.

Yingmoo Network Technology Co. Ltd., the established Beijing-based outdoor advertising company, is very pleased to announce their new partnership with UK media services agency, Mirabelle Communications Limited.

To inaugurate this affiliation, Mirabelle Communications Managing Director Mr Jayesh Kumar Desai, and Account Manager Miss YuenYan Monique Tse, visited Beijing in February, where upon arrival at the airport they were warmly welcomed by Yingmoo’s Deputy Manager.

The Mirabelle team enjoyed a pleasant stay in Beijing, where they resided at the luxury Shangri-La Hotel. During their brief visit they met with various distinguished representatives from Yingmoo, including the Executive Vice General Manager Mr Yu-Liang Zhang, the Chief Financial Officer Mr Qian Lianghong and International Relations Executive Mr Liu Cungui, all of whom extended traditional hospitality to their foreign guests.

Located in London, Mirabelle is an integrated media services agency with more than 20 years experience, dedicated to creating dynamic marketing campaigns from concept to delivery, at excellent value to achieve maximum impact. Creating, planning and buying campaigns across all media, including print, TV and digital media, outdoor advertising, radio advertising, innovative solutions and public relations, the agency works as an extension of the client’s marketing department, thus ensuring that all campaigns benefit from full attention and expertise at all times.

Media Recommendation

Billboard at Mittels 11.7EUR / day / block
Billboard at Thomas- 18.5EUR / day / block
Billboard at Oldeslo 37.55EUR / day / block
Billboard at Walddör 35.55EUR / day / block
Billboard at Zeidler 9.0EUR / day / block
Billboard at Positio 16.75EUR / day / block

International Popular Media

Billboard at Centro Comercia 8.0EUR / day / block
Billboard at Sulzaer Str. vo 12.4EUR / Day / Block
Outdoor Media LED of M4 High 15000.0GBP /half a month /surface
Grenzstr./Brückenstr., Germa 10.55EUR/ Day / Block
Board WDJ-1 at Main Campus o 300.0GBP/Week/Piece