Cooperation Negotiation between Mirabelle and Yingmoo to Start

  • Time:3/21/2015
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Yesterday afternoon, Yingmoo welcomes representatives of the Mirabelle Communications Limited, Mr. Jayesh Kumar Desai and Miss. YuenYan Monique Tse. At 2 o 'clock this afternoon, the Yingmoo network technology co., LTD. Headquarters in Beijing, Yingmoo outdoor advertising industry related with the British Mirabelle representative to negotiate business cooperation. The co-operation symposium, the Yingmoo with UK firm Mirabelle will be outdoor advertising media resources sharing agreement. From its inception, the Yingmoo will have eyes looking to both international and domestic market, these years have been collecting foreign media resources, more than 30000 have now been resources, including Britain, America and other places is the Yingmoo important area of the development of foreign media resources. Yingmoo with UK firm Mirabelle if can reach an agreement in terms of outdoor media resources sharing, not only can enrich Yingmoo outdoor advertising network international media resource information, and for the UK firm Mirabelle in China looking for media resources needed for its development, contribute to the development of outdoor advertising market in China. Symposium, both sides will discuss how to realize the Chinese and European outdoor advertising cooperation, and the proposed about the common development of Yingmoo network members and co-operation in Europe. In recent years, with the change and development of economy, various countries in the world for outdoor advertising business presents different pattern, the world of outdoor advertising demand scale is expected to reach $39 billion in 2015, up 10% from a year earlier, the European market as an important part of the world of outdoor advertising development, European outdoor advertising industry development prospects will be rising in a balanced and orderly. In the future, there will be more and more Chinese enterprises go abroad, go global, and to the European advertising will become more and more Chinese companies choose, Yingmoo is betting outdoor advertising will be the trend of internationalization. In fact, not only more and more Chinese enterprises out of the home, also bullish on China's market and opportunities for foreign companies. Yingmoo with UK firm Mirabelle advertising cooperation will be a good development opportunity, the outdoor advertising market development has very mature, but China has a vast outdoor advertising market, Yingmoo and Mirabelle of cooperation will bring to the outdoor advertising industry the impact of "revolutionary". This time, if can cooperation with Mirabelle Communications Limited, this will be Yingmoo a substantial first step towards the international. There is reason to believe that international cooperation, complementary advantages, can improve the efficiency of the outdoor advertising industry services, expanding the area of outdoor advertising industry development, so as to promote the development of the world of outdoor advertising industry. Attached: British Mirabelle Communications Limited is located in London, England, is a comprehensive media services with a history of more than 20 years. Its main business includes outdoor advertising, printing advertising, television advertising, digital media, advertising, radio advertising, innovative solutions and public relations.

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