“LED + Alliance” Powers Advertising Effect Transforming

  • Time:7/15/2015
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We are not unfamiliar about outdoor LED screen media by now, which has become a power of new media that cannot be ignored. The reason is simple: the rapid development of digital technology, information technology, internet, mobile internet and socializing media enhances the tendency of media fragmentation, and further divides the time of audience to touch media. The media who can attract audience’s attention in an efficient time will be the most potential one, and so outdoor LED screen media does.

Outdoor LED screen media are not only the extension of traditional outdoor media and TV media, connecting with social media and mobile terminal like MicroBlog and LBS positioning to construct a cubic space for consumer interaction and communication, but also given more creative potentials and self core media value. Outdoor LED screens are mostly built in core landmarks, central business circles, traffic arteries and other functional sites with dense flow of customers of a city, where have become indispensable important areas of business and casual, dinning and shopping, working and out for the mainstream urban people. Moreover, the features of scarcity and core make it a media style with marketing value and quality.

Maybe because of the realization of the value of LED screen media, outdoor LED media operators are emerging constantly. However, their levels are intermingled and there are problems of relatively high price, disordered, inefficient information communication, dispersive media resource, lacking of reliable monitoring system. Some enterprises have even resulted in negative impacts on the media image as they regardless of the quality and content of the advertisement in order to maintain their own daily operation. LED outdoor media network is necessarily to be set up to further achieve the media differentiation and healthy industrial development, build positive brand figure, as well as for long-term sustainable development and continuous innovation to obtain excellent outdoor LED media resources, and this is an essential phase for high-end outdoor advertisement operating enterprises to build images and seize the market shares.

Yingmoo LED Broadcasting Network

Outdoor enterprises like Phoenix Media, Tulip Media, TOM Outdoor Media and Advision Media have set foot in the outdoor LED video advertisement as early as 2009, and are gradually expanding to scramble for their LED media resources. A number of enterprises have owned their LED media in active cities in economy like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Tianjin and Shenyang, and have established the nationwide strategic alliances. It is predicted that the advertisement marketing transmission capacity provided by outdoor LED screen media operation leaders will grow up further with wider coverage.

At this point, it’s hard to ignore Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Web, a professional website serving the whole outdoor advertisement industrial chain. Inheriting the principle of Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Web, its subordinate website Yingmoo LED Broadcasting Network aims to become a comprehensive service provider of LED media industry to serve each link on the LED media industrial chain and be engaged in unifying the outdoor LED media to form a strategic alliance of LED enterprises.

Taking Yingmoo Network as the carrier, Yingmoo LED Broadcasting Network is a brand new platform of nationwide, unique and internet in O2O operation pattern. Yingmoo has owned the most screens in China in outdoor LED media field with nine months or more since last May when it started to attract investment, with over 1,200 of franchising screens and over 300 of franchised media owners covering the 31 provinces, autonomous regions, Hong Kong and Macao regions nationwide. The rapid development in several short months cannot be realized without its market positioning.

Yingmoo positions itself as a service provider, resolutely resists fraudulent buying and selling, refuses to participate in the price negotiation between the buyer and the seller, does not add price or fight with any customer for profits. Its relationships with the buyer and seller belong to cooperation relationship, no competition, and all the work of Yingmoo service provider is to serve and satisfy customers. That’s why network platform service provider is welcomed by both the buyer and the seller. Yingmoo’s concept of “committing to be service provider” fills the domestic blank, eliminates the intermediate link between the buyer and the seller, and enables the buyer and the seller to conduct direct communication and transaction, which does not only brings convenience to the advertiser and reduces purchase cost for the advertiser, but also increases customer number for the media owners, reduces customer’s development cost of media owners and operation management cost, increases overall profits of media owners, and finally enables the service provider to realize all-win through platform resources and one-stop services.

LED screen is attracting the attention of the urbanites, and has become an important trend of the future outdoor advertising development without doubt. We also believe that Yingmoo will bring the LED media industry more development opportunities and improve the economic benefit of LED media industry to achieve the conversion of LED screen advertisement effect.

Media Recommendation

Billboard at Mittels 11.7EUR / day / block
Billboard at Thomas- 18.5EUR / day / block
Billboard at Oldeslo 37.55EUR / day / block
Billboard at Walddör 35.55EUR / day / block
Billboard at Zeidler 9.0EUR / day / block
Billboard at Positio 16.75EUR / day / block

International Popular Media

Billboard at Centro Comercia 8.0EUR / day / block
Billboard at Sulzaer Str. vo 12.4EUR / Day / Block
Outdoor Media LED of M4 High 15000.0GBP /half a month /surface
Grenzstr./Brückenstr., Germa 10.55EUR/ Day / Block
Board WDJ-1 at Main Campus o 300.0GBP/Week/Piece