Why Advertisers Favor Stars in Shooting Commercials?

  • Time:2015-04-17
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One such experiment was made by the U.S. psychologist Dane: he showed some photos to the subjects in which there were some quite charming persons, some average persons and some unattractive persons, and asked subjects to evaluate those persons in characteristic aspects irrelevant with charm. The result showed that the subjects gave more ideal personality characteristics to those with charm than to those without charm, such as kindness, calmness, sociability and good character. This is the so called “halo effect”.

Halo effect refers to the phenomenon of people first having cognitive judgment of others according personal likes and dislikes, and then inferring other qualities of the target of cognition. If the target of cognition is marked as “good”, such target will be shrouded by “good” halo and endowed all good qualities; if the target of cognition is marked as “bad”, such target will be shrouded by “bad” halo and endowed all bad qualities. Such effect becomes especially obvious when evaluating persons not so familiar. In my opinion, this is why so many advertisers favor using hot stars as the brand image spokespersons.

Why Advertisers Favor Stars in Shooting Commercials?

For the new brands or new products of enterprises, undoubtedly advertising is the quickest and most efficient mode of establishing brand image and opening the market, but how to make people “love” the advertisement at a sight and generate good association? Understood by using the “halo effect”, the hot stars deeply favored by the broad audience or public figures possessing many fans shall be invited through spending much money to be the brand image spokespersons. For example, the Korean star Kim Soo Hyun, after becoming hot upon My Love from the Star, became a “sweet pastry” in the eyes of many advertisers; his handsome, calm, wise, foodie and omnipotent image in the TV drama can be seen from his advertisements afterwards: Tencent Mobile Manager, automobile, sportswear, cosmetics and fine food, etc., matching his figure in the impression of the audience; even many stars not knowing Kim Soo Hyun would take more looks at the advertisement because of his appearance.

An aspect valued much by the advertisers is the halo effect generated by hot public figures, and another aspect valued by the advertisers is the influence and appeal of stars. It is known to all that the endorsement fees of stars are very high. Also taking Kim Soo Hyun as an example, he obtained about 35 endorsements in China, and was conservatively estimated to earn over RMB 0.2 billion, namely, averagely about RMB 6 million for every advertisement; with such expensive endorsement fee, why were there so many vendors inviting him for endorsement regardless of such a high price? As expressed by a PR person of SamsoniteRed brand endorsed by Kim, the sales grew by 250% in Taiwan, besides the rise of brand awareness; furthermore, his posters even became “hotcakes”: the 500 posters which were a limited gift for meeting certain quota were all snapped up.

This is star effect, which not only can favorably promote enterprise brand image, but also can well obtain the help of the popular momentum of stars and drama works. After My Love from the Star became hot, many of endorsements of Kim Soo Hyun were related with the TV drama, for example, his advertisement of Tecent Mobile Manager was by virtue of his super power in the TV drama, and his endorsement of Hyundai automobile was also because of the same reason. Those advertisements not only can enable brands to better “hitchhike” the hot and widely loved TV drama, but also further improve brand image and enrich the brand story content.

To sum up, we can know that why so many advertisers favor using hot stars to be own brand image spokespersons: it can make people not knowing the brands generate good impression on the brands, and make stars trigger the chain star effect, to finally benefit promotion of brand images and promote growth of enterprise revenues.

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