Booming Yingmoo

  • Time:2015-06-23
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Three years, though not long enough, can witness the rapid growth of an enterprise. Since its launching in August 2012, Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Web has become the largest and most professional domestic service platform, serving for comprehensive outdoor advertising industrial chain. By now, its media resources have reached over 3.5 million items, including 1.5 million items of advertising facility and material resources and involving more than 50,000 main media members, with daily average flow of over 3.5 million items.

Yingmoo, developed by Beijing Yingmoo Network Technology Co., Ltd., is an only professional platform serving for overall outdoor advertising industrial chain in China, which sticks to propose of offering valuable one-stop services on “originality, planning, designing, fabrication, placement, monitoring and assessment” of advertisements. With its advantages in resources, platforms and services, it is committed to transforming the traditional offline sales mode of outdoor advertising industry with blocked information, dispersed resources and isolated placement, facilitating over 14 million enterprises in finding satisfactory outdoor media indoors, realizing the integration of advertising facility, advertising materials and fabrication & installation of traditional outdoor media with the internet, and successfully opening up the internet era for outdoor advertising industry.

                                   Booming Yingmoo                                           

With the guidelines of “profession and elaboration”, Yingmoo serves both the buyers and sellers of outdoor advertisement as a consultant, avoiding fraudulent buying and selling, involvement in price negotiation between buyers and sellers or intermediate price makeup; it establishes partnership rather than competition with both buyers and sellers, and works for customers’ satisfaction only, which is the reason for popularity of service providers on internet platform.

Yingmoo, by acting “committed to be service provider”, gives access to direct communication between buyers and sellers, reduces purchase cost for advertisers and cost of development and running management for media owners, while increasing the customers and overall earnings for media owners, and thus achieving win-win outcome of multiple parties by platform resources and one-stop services.

Currently, the outdoor media resources of Yingmoo have covered 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions as well as Hong Kong and Macao, including 433,516 items in Beijing, 289,898 in Tianjin, 123,810 in Shanghai, 86,025 in Chongqing, 82,414 in Shaanxi Province, 43,532 in Yunnan Province, 180,723 in Sichuan Province, 24,353 in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 477,826 in Guangdong Province, 118,605 in Hunan Province, 100,987 in Hubei Province, 168,850 in Henan Province, 210,071 in Shandong Province, 22,571 in Jiangxi Province, 45,072 in Fujian Province, 129,647 in Anhui Province, 313,355 in Zhejiang Province, 305,598 in Jiangsu Province, 28,701 in Heilongjiang Province, 69,872 in Jilin Province, 61,485 in Liaoning Province, 19,736 in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 48,584 in Shanxi Province and 123,721 in Hebei Province.

The media resources involved a broad range of varieties, including 352,699 media items for public place, 245,937 for traffic network, 53,657 for expressways, 74,835 for airports, 337,189 for buses, 112,411 for metros, 461,561 for trains, 30,373 for supermarkets, 562,259 for business buildings and 1,306,288 for community buildings, covering cities of various scales all over China as well as all kinds of commercial environment, thus realizing the advertisement placement at any area; Through different placement plans specific to various industries, brands and products of Yingmoo, any domestic outdoor media can be selected as necessary.

Yingmoo establishes an advertising facility and material database for providing relevant product information, which is the latest, fastest and the most accurate. The most significant purchasing suggestions are provided, and multi-dimensional static pages are adopted to facilitate users in finding their desired products conveniently and precisely, thus providing the most prompt and comfortable user experience. Meanwhile, Yingmoo incorporates over ten thousands of stores, which are the most active, related to current outdoor media industrial chain, to provide a series of online negotiations from outdoor media purchase, advertising facility, advertising materials to fabrication & installation, and allow the users to enjoy one-stop and flexible services.

Yingmoo LED Broadcast Network, which was started in June 2014, is a unique brand-new platform of O2O operation model taken Yingmoo as carrier, covering the whole country with the characteristic of internationalization. The Yingmoo LED Broadcast Network could realize synchronized broadcast in the whole country and arbitrary combination of multiple provinces, cities and counties, and could implement real time monitoring, broadcast monitoring, 720° streetscape and network map in combination with the multi-terminal, thus helping enterprise to purchase outdoor LED media and monitor real time broadcast effects at home. Since the end of last May, Yingmoo started to attract investment, and through one year’s development, Yingmoo boosts the No. 1 screen amounts in outdoor LED media field in the whole country. At present, joint Yingmoo has joint the business of over 1,200 screens and 300 media owners, the business range of which covers 31 provinces, cities, municipalities, Hong Kong and Macao regions nationwide.

For the whole outdoor advertising industry chain, Yingmoo starts the new sales model, being innovative and practical. As time goes on, Yingmoo will surely become stronger and more powerful, and promote the development of entire outdoor advertising industry by acting “committed to be service provider”.

Media Recommendation

Billboard at Mittels 11.7EUR / day / block
Billboard at Thomas- 18.5EUR / day / block
Billboard at Oldeslo 37.55EUR / day / block
Billboard at Walddör 35.55EUR / day / block
Billboard at Zeidler 9.0EUR / day / block
Billboard at Positio 16.75EUR / day / block

International Popular Media

Billboard at Centro Comercia 8.0EUR / day / block
Billboard at Sulzaer Str. vo 12.4EUR / Day / Block
Outdoor Media LED of M4 High 15000.0GBP /half a month /surface
Grenzstr./Brückenstr., Germa 10.55EUR/ Day / Block
Board WDJ-1 at Main Campus o 300.0GBP/Week/Piece