Yingmoo LED Media Industry Alliance Summit to Kick off March

  • Time:2/26/2015
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On March 28, sponsored by Yingmoo LED the media industry alliance "Yingmoo LED the media industry union summit, Guangzhou station", will be held at the grand hyatt Guangzhou grand. The summit to "promote the competitiveness of the industry and realize the screen the high yield" as the theme, Yingmoo LED Media Industry Alliance leaders, industry experts, LED screen, manufacturers, the main media, news media and so on more than 500 people will attend the conference. As we all know, the current LED media industry development is faced with many problems. Is the Yingmoo of outdoor advertising network field survey found that the main is the price is relatively high; Price confusion; Poor communication, lack of an interactive communication platform; Media resources scattered, cannot meet the demand of existing customers; Undertake business only by connections, and network maintenance costs rise year by year; LED media operators lack of professional and dedicated sales team, and higher turnover; The lack of a reliable monitoring system; In the second year of advertisers may choose to other media, LED the media industry is still in the traditional business model, did not keep pace with the development of the Internet era, no and Internet platforms such as the eight problems. In order to give full play to the role of Yingmoo LED Media Industry Alliance, solve LED eight major problems of the media industry, the media, vendor to fully enjoy the Lord LED the media industry alliance helps realize LED media network, scale, promote the market of the southern media resources cooperation, improve around Guangdong area including Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hainan province, LED the media industry competitiveness, improve the screen main benefits. The industry conference. Summit will be the theme report, industry experts, entrepreneurs, speeches, cooperation and communication, such as phase composition, then there will be from Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hainan and other places more than 230 enterprises on behalf of the participant, discuss key challenges faced by the LED industry development, industry development direction in the future are discussed. Meeting, in addition to the development trend of the industry experts for you to interpret the advertising industry, Yingmoo LED Media Industry, chairman of the union building and more money will revolve around the industry competitiveness and realize the screen the high yield -- how to decipher the LED media sales dilemma "on the theme of the speech, to LED enterprises to overcome, to better solve the problems in the development, must be able to give the guests a special brainstorming. During the meeting, Peng Wenjun, Vice President of Yingmoo outdoor advertising network operations, will also Yingmoo net web service orientation, function and operation planning and so on were expounded in detail. Last year, based on the LED is still in the traditional business model of the media industry, LED to the development of the Internet and media of Yingmoo adaptation is the only way to this trend, established Yingmoo LED broadcast network. Yingmoo LED broadcast network, and Yingmoo LED the establishment of the media industry alliance changed LED media information not unimpeded, the media resources scattered, fight alone, single traditional off-line marketing mode, make the traditional LED the media and the Internet, on the wings of the Internet, opened a new era to the LED Internet media. Yingmoo LED Media Industry of the whole industrial chain network to do comprehensive services for the market positioning, customer service thought, let the customer satisfaction as Yingmoo LED the core value of the network. The summit, certainly can become the LED industry event at a time. Not only can better improve the eagle well-knownness, south more rapidly expanding market scale, and through this conference can advertising industry market research, market analysis, planning and design, environmental assessment, the resources construction of media integration, value analysis, channel guide, advertising, monitoring, evaluation and comprehensive services for a build Bridges between the seller and the buyer for the whole industry chain, eliminate communication barriers, promote the exchange of information between the two sides convenient, efficient, transparent, let the national LED media management, production, marketing and technical research, and other enterprises get healthy and orderly sustainable development, promote the overall image of China LED the media industry, better serve the real economy in China.

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