Yingmoo Welcome Mirabelle Representative to China for Exchange and Cooperation

  • Time:12/31/2014
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As the ancient Chinese Confucian saying goes, it is very delightful to have friends come from far away. On the afternoon of February 2, 2015, Beijing Yingmoo Network Technology Co., Ltd will have a very distinguished guest pay a visit to its headquarters on the 14th floor of Metropolis Tower – Mirabelle Communications Limited. Both companies will meet to discuss the business cooperation in the outdoor ads delivery. On the agenda of this negotiation conference between the senior managements from both sides will be the delivery of outdoor ads, the entry of Mirabelle as member to Yingmoo to jointly develop the European market. Beijing Yingmoo Network Technology Co., Ltd is the only professional network company in China to serve the entire outdoor advertising and dedicated to ushering in a new era in the outdoor advertising field by addressing the long-existing problems such as poor information exchange, scattered resources and conventional single-channel offline sales in this industry. The established Yingmoo LED Broadcasting Network has embarked on the collection of the outdoor LED display screens in China and abroad. The year of 2014 is regarded as the grueling year for all walks of life. In the economic context of bust, the Chinese enterprises have to go global and establish a partnership with the international counterparts so as to be able to develop themselves in a better way. At the beginning of its establishment, Yingmoo LED Broadcasting Network has been looking beyond the Chinese market to incorporate the resources of outdoor advertising overseas in addition to those at home. That way, it becomes very likely for the ads owners to display their ads on the LED screens at home and abroad without the need to step out of houses. As Chairman of the Yingmoo LED Media Alliance said at the founding conference, we would be able to overcome any tough time to dramatically reverse the current situation of outdoor advertising as long as we made joint efforts to connect the two markets on the national and international levels, which then could contribute to the development of China’s and even global economy At the beginning of 2015, Yingmoo has achieved a substantial step on the way to this goal by inviting the largest media company in the UK – Mirabelle Communications Limited for the cooperation negotiation. Mirabelle Communications Limited, located in London, England, is a multi-media service institute with 20-plus years of history. Its major businesses lie in ads printing, TV commercials, digital media ads, outdoor ads, broadcasting ads, innovative solutions and public relations. As an international marketing agency, Mirabelle is devoted to creating a marketing activities by spreading the ads information with high efficiency and then bringing maximal values for clients. With Mirabelle as our franchisee for promoting marketing, our commitment and professionalism in ads creativity and planning as well as ad sales can help ensure a profitability of its marketing campaign. Due to the excellent effect of its marketing campaign, Mirabelle has established a good reputation among its clients, enjoying a long-term partnership with them. Finally, may the cooperation negotiation between Yingmoo and Mirabelle succeed! And we wish there would be much more cooperation between Yingmoo and foreign enterprises to jointly promote the development of the outdoor advertising industry in China and beyond.

Media Recommendation

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International Popular Media

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