1.General Provision

1.1Users shall agree with the terms and conditions of the Agreement and follow the procedure to complete the registration under the guidance of the prompts. The click of the button “Agree” by a user in the process of the registration denotes that the user has reached the agreement with Yingmoo Outdoor Media Network (hereinafter abbreviated as Yingmoo Network) and completely accepts the terms and conditions under the Agreement.

1.2After the user has successfully registered, Yingmoo Network will grant each single user an account and a corresponding password under their own custody. Each one of the users shall be liable for all the activities and events involving the use of the account.

1.3Yingmoo Network membership service agreement as well as every single specific service agreement and notice can be updated in terms of the contents by Yingmoo Network Company at any time without prior notice. You are expected to pay attention to the update and comply with the terms and conditions that apply to the relevant service(s) you are using.

1.4You shall read the Agreement carefully before using various services supplied by Yingmoo Network. If you disagree with the Agreement and/or the modifications, you can relinquish the service(s) of your own accord; Once you have used the service(s) de facto, it is deemed that you have known and completely agreed with all the articles of the Agreement, including any modifications to the Agreement by Yingmoo Network at any time, and have become the user of Yingmoo Network de jure.

1.5Unless otherwise specified, any supplementary contents that may lead to the expansion of the service scope or the functional enhancement of the service shall be legally binding under the Agreement. The Agreement shall not be amended unless the senior management of Yingmoo Outdoor Media Network sign the written agreement. In case of discrepancy, the latest version shall prevail.

2.Registration Information and Privacy

2.1Registration Obligations

To register on Yingmoo website for membership, you shall agree:

(a) To supply the authentic, accurate and complete information that can reflect your personal condition or your company’s situation;

(b) To maintain and timely update your membership information so as to keep it always authentic, precise, complete and informative. If the information you provide is, or reasonably regarded by Yingmoo Network as, inauthentic, inaccurate, incomplete or non-informative, Yingmoo Network is entitled to suspend or terminate your registered membership and the supplied information, and to deprive you of using the “service(s)” in any form for the present or the future. If you register for the membership of Yingmoo Network on behalf of one company or a legal entity, you shall make a statement to pledge that you have the right to bring this company or the legal entity under the legal binding force of the Agreement.

2.2 The user shall not transfer or lease out the allocated account and password to the third party for use. The user shall promptly inform Yingmoo Network of any illegal use of the account by any other parties if found. Yingmoo Network shall not bear any liabilities for the unlawful use of your account and password by others caused by hacking or the negligent keeping.

2.3 Yingmoo Network shall not make the registration information of every individual user publicly available or supply them to the third party, unless:

(1) The user’ s prior authorization has been gained;

(2) only the disclosure of your personal information can help obtain your desirable products and services;

(3) the relevant rules and regulations ask for your information;

(4) the relevant government agencies ask for your information;

(5) Yingmoo Network has to safeguard its own legitimate rights and interests.

2.4 You shall agree that “your information” and the “items” ( referring to any specific goods that exit in various forms, tangible or intangible, for legal transaction, or referring to certain rights or interests, some bills or stocks, certain services or actions. All falls among the connotation of the “items” under the Agreement) you put on the Yingmoo outdoor media website for sales:

a. are non-fraudulent without any involvement in counterfeiting or pilferage;

b. do not infringe on the third party’s entitlement to those, or on the copyright, patent, trademark, commercial secrets or other intellectual rights of the third party, or on its privacy and reputation;

c. do not violate any national laws and legislations, or rules and regulations (including but not limited to the laws and legislations, rules and regulations on the export management, trade quota, consumer protection, illicit competition or deceptive advertising);

d. do not involve any forms of libel (including commercial libel), intimidation or harassment;

e. do not contain any obscenities or pornography;

f. do not carry any viruses or computer worms that maliciously destroy or disrupt the network system, or sneakingly intercept or embezzle the data and individual information; do not implant any time bombs into the programs to break the computer system down.

g. do not have any direct or indirect links to the following goods or services, or involve any descriptions of the following goods or services:

(i) the goods or services prohibited under the Agreement;

(ii) the goods or services that you are disentitled to link or involve.

3. Rules of Use

3.1 The use of the service(s) of Yingmoo Network shall comply with the rules and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. The user shall agree not to utilize the website to conduct any unlawful or wrongful activities, including but not limited to the following deeds:

(1) uploading, showing, posting, propagating or conveying in any other forms of the information involving one of the following elements:

a. opposing the basic principle specified by the constitutional law;

b. jeopardizing the state by disclosing the state secrets, subverting the authority and undermining the unity;

c. damaging the national honor and interests;

d. stirring up ethnic animosity and racial discrimination to ruin the ethnic unity;

e. undermining the national religious policy by propagating heresy and feudal superstitions;

f. spreading rumors to disturb society and destroy the social stability;

h. spreading obscenities, pornography, and advocating gambling, violence, homicide, terrorism, or instigating crime-committing.

i. insulting or libeling others and infringing upon others’ legitimate rights and interests;

g. involving something false, harmful, intimidating, obscene, offensive or immoral that may infringe on others’ privacy or harass others’ lives;

k. including the contents restricted or prohibited by the Chinese laws and legislations, rules and regulations as well as other norms with equal legal binding force;

(2) using the network system for any illicit purposes;

(3) using Yingmoo Network to conduct the following activities:

a. entering the computer information network or utilizing the resources of the network without permission;

b. deleting, modifying or adding the computer information network without permission;

c. deleting, modifying or adding the data stored, processed and transmitted in the computer information network as well as the applications therein without permission;

d. deliberately writing and transmitting the destructive programs with viruses;

e. other conducts that endanger the computer information network.

3.2 Where the third party claims for the compensation for its losses, including reasonable attorney fee, incurred by the user’s breach of the Agreement or the relevant service terms thereof, the user shall agree to make compensations and save Yingmoo Network as well as the cooperating and concerned companies from losses. In this case, Yingmoo Network has the right to investigate the user’s conduct by taking measures including but not limited to the deletion of the information issued by the user, suspension of the usage license, termination of service supply, restriction of usage, withdrawal of Yingmoo Network account and the tracing of legal liability. Where other users maliciously register on Yingmoo Network for an account to commit the illegal actions, like troublemaking, disturbance and deception, and actions in violation of the Agreement, Yingmoo Network has the right to withdraw the account while assisting the judicial agencies in the investigation as required.

3.3 The user shall not copy, resell the service(s) under the Agreement and use them for any other commercial purposes.

3.4 The user shall bear the liabilities for its own action during the process of using the service(s) of Yingmoo Network. The forms include but not limited to making compensation to the sufferer as well as making the equal compensation to Yingmoo which has firstly borne the liability for the administrative penalty or compensating the sufferer for the losses due to the user’s action.

4. Services

4.1 The specific services of Yingmoo Network are provided by Yingmoo according to the actual situations, for the use of the individuals and companies with the legal binding force under the relevant laws. Therefore, you shall be aged sixteen or above to use the services. If you fail to meet this condition, please do not use the services. Yingmoo may refuse at any time to supply the service to anyone at its own discretion. The services will never be offered to the members of Yingmoo whose membership has been suspended or terminated.

4.2 Unless otherwise specified under the Agreement, the new products, new functions and new services launched by Yingmoo Network are legally binding under the Agreement.

4.3 To use the services, you shall access the internet via the third party that has the legal qualification to supply the internet accessibility and pay for the relevant internet fee. Besides, you shall equip yourself with the necessary devices to access the internet, including computer, modem or other data access devices.

4.4 In view of the special features of the online services, the user shall agree that Yingmoo Network has the right to alter, suspend or terminate some of or the whole online services (including the charging online services) without prior notice. Yingmoo Network does not guarantee the continuity of online service supply, or the timeliness, security and accuracy thereof.

4.5 Yingmoo needs to inspect and maintain the online service platform and the supporting equipment on regular or irregular bases, which may cause the discontinuity of the online service (including the charging online service) for a reasonable time span. For this, Yingmoo Network will not bear any liabilities, and reserves the right to suspend any of the services without prior notice for maintenance, upgrade or any other purposes.

4. 6 Our services or the third party can provide the links to other websites or resources on the internet. You shall get to know and agree that Yingmoo Network will not be liable to determine whether the websites and recourses can be utilized, for they are out of the control of Yingmoo Network. Yingmoo Network also does not guarantee any contents, ads, products, or other data of the websites and resources or therefrom. Yingmoo Network shall not bear any liabilities for any damages or losses incurred by using the contents, goods or services released by those websites and resources or acquired therefrom.

4.7 The user shall explicitly agree to bear all the risks involved in the use of Yingmoo network service. The user shall understand and accept the download or by Yingmoo network service any information depends on the users themselves, and by the system damage, data loss and any other risk. Yingmoo network does not guarantee for any goods in service online shopping service, transaction process and recruitment information.

4.8 Yingmoo Network reserves the right to shut down the account of the user that has not logged on for six months.

4.9 Yingmoo Network has the right at any time temporarily or permanently modify or terminate the service (or any part thereof). Regardless of the notice or not, Yingmoo Network does not take any responsibility for the user or any third person.

4.10 Service Termination

You shall agree that Yingmoo Network terminates your password, account or service utilization (any part of service) and deletes all your contents on Yingmoo website for the sake of its own rights and interests or any other reasons, including but not limited to not utilizing it for a long time. You shall agree that service stipulated in the service agreement could be interrupted or terminated without advance notice. You shall acknowledge and agree that Yingmoo can shut down or delete your account and all information and documents in your account immediately, and/or forbid you to continue utilizing aforementioned documents and service. Meanwhile, you shall agree that if service utilization is interrupted or terminated, or your account and all information and documents in your account are shut down or deleted, Yingmoo Network shall bear no liabilities for you or any third party.

5. Others

5.1 The conclusion of this Agreement, its execution, interpretation and the settlement of disputes in connection herewith shall comply with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

5.2 If any disputes occur on the Agreement and the execution thereof, both parties shall settle the disputes through friendly negotiation. In case the agreement cannot be reached, either party may summit the dispute to the People’s Court located at the place of Yingmoo Network.

5.3 Any rights or stipulations specified in this Service Agreement not executed by Yingmoo Network shall not be considered as a waiver of aforementioned rights and rights.

5.4 If any articles in this Agreement is completely or partially invalid for whatever reasons, other articles in this Agreement are still valid and binding.

Note: Within the scope of applicable laws, the final interpretation of this agreement is subject to Yingmoo Network.