Brief Introduction to Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Network

Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Network is the first professional platform in China to serve the entire outdoor advertising industry, built up by Beijing Yingmoo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Network sticks to the tenet of “providing customers with valuable services” by offering one-stop services in creation, planning, design, manufacture, delivery, surveillance and effect assessment, so that the company can provide the constructive solutions to the problems that the both buyer and seller of the outdoor advertising chain are confronted with in the process of advertising outdoors.

Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Network, under the concept of “Dedication”, “Professionalism” and “Excellence”, are determined to serve the buyer and seller of the outdoor advertising as a consulter.

The establishment of Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Network will replace the traditional offline sales mode in which the information barrier, scattered resources and separate operation prevail. Now Yingmoo Network can make over 1.4 million enterprises find out the satisfactory outdoor media without stepping out of the room. So Yingmoo Network heralds a new brand internetized era for the outdoor advertising by combining both the internet and the traditional outdoor media, advertising equipment and materials as well as the manufacture and installation.

On June 15, 2014, Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Network was on the threshold of the second revision. The new Yingmoo Network sub-segments advertising industry chain and divided Yingmoo Network into ten sections: Outdoor Advertising Media Resources Search, LED Broadcasting Network, Service Search(advertising design, planning, supervision, evaluation and manufacturing and installation), Experience Search(advertising cases, creative cases, encyclopedia, questions and answers and following of advertising), Partner Search, Advertising Equipment and Materials, Outdoor Ads Cloud Management, Talents Recruitment, Forum and Activities and Yingmoo Business School.

By June 15, 2014, Yingmoo Outdoor Advertising Network has a professional team of hundreds of employees, media owner members more than 30 thousand, media resource information more than two million. Advertising equipment and advertising materials more than 10 ten thousand. Advertising equipment and materials manufacturers/dealer registered members more than 6000, which covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions, Hong Kong and Macao regions. It has preliminarily grow up to be the most abundant information, the most professional and the most comprehensive type of outdoor advertising industry consultant portal already.